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How to Demolish Old Buildings Safely

How to Demolish Old Buildings Safely

Building demolition is the process of removing, demolishing, or knocking down building structures as well as the materials utilized in their production. Building demolition services in Dubai are widely available to cater to the diverse needs of property owners. A building is demolished for a variety of reasons, including whether it has outlived its useful life, its structural integrity has been damaged, portions of the institution will need to be rebuilt to increase its quality and worth, or the property owner plans to sell an empty lot. 

With the help of professional building demolition services in Dubai, property owners can efficiently and safely demolish their structures, clearing the way for new developments and transformations.

What is Demolition?

Demolition of old buildings is the process of destroying a structure that has outlived its practical life. The entire demolition procedure is carried out with the assistance of machinery, and Etlad provides one of the best demolition services in Dubai including legal processes and the agreement of the individuals who live surrounding the construction.

When a structure reaches the end of its worthwhile life, it becomes weak, and if destruction is not done automatically or manually, the odds of its demolition become natural and unclear, putting many human lives in danger.

Surveys are also required during demolition by building demolition contractors in Dubai. Before beginning the demolition process, detailed information regarding the specific structure that will be demolished must be obtained, Etlad provides one of the best demolition services in Dubai. As a result, an accurate appraisal is required. The demolition site generates a large amount of solid trash, which is immediately converted into landfills.

Why is Demolition Necessary? 

  1. Buildings That Are Ignored For a Long Time: 

Buildings require constant care and maintenance, and buildings that are ignored or improperly kept become uninhabitable, mostly because the structure becomes fragile, among other concerns. Plumbing problems may emerge that are irreparable.

The cost of preserving the structure, including repairs and upkeep, is significantly greater than the cost of replacing the building after demolition. As a result, re-building the building after it has been demolished is a more viable choice.

  1. Buildings That Have Faced Calamities:

Hurricanes, storms, and floods all inflict significant damage. The structural damage they produce frequently renders the building dangerous. In severe circumstances, they destroy the majority of the structure, leaving just sections of it standing.

Floodwater can seep into the structure, weakening it and making things unsafe. Increasing the risk to the residents if the building falls is not a prudent solution.

Fires and earthquakes are two more natural disasters that may cause structures to be damaged to the point where they must be demolished.

  1. Old Buildings:

Old buildings are demolished because they are difficult to maintain and expensive to maintain unless they are historical structures or come under the heritage category. Keeping up with modern safety regulations and adding modern services may become increasingly challenging in old structures. Buildings do not have to be structurally unsafe to be destroyed.

Another reason abandoned and unoccupied buildings are demolished is that they may become a shelter for drug addicts and other criminals. Teenagers and small children may also seek adventure in these untidy structures out of curiosity. As a result, the structure may become a hazard or a nuisance in the neighborhood, and authorities may opt to destroy it and repurpose it more positively.

  1. For The Purpose to Renovate it:

When buildings need to be restored or expanded, they are frequently necessary to be partially destroyed. A portion of the building, such as a wall, is demolished so that work may begin to enlarge or renovate the structure.

Methods of Demolition:

Demolition can be done in two ways: manually or mechanically. There are building contracting companies that apt both the ways for demolition of buildings. It is determined by the requirement or urgency. Hammers, rammers, excavators, bulldozers, and wrecking balls are typical demolition tools. Explosives such as dynamites and detonators are sometimes used in the destruction of towering buildings. Being the best building contracting company in Dubai, we make use of both the methods for demolition of buildings

Demolition of old buildings is a multi-step procedure that includes several phases along the way. There is an obligation to assess the demolition site, remove dangerous materials, and implement safety precautions. It also necessitates ensuring that the machinery to be utilised is fit for purpose, as well as looking after the safety of others in the vicinity. 

Explosive Methods:

An explosive demolition method is particularly expensive since it involves the use of explosives. This is also harmful to the ecosystem. It generates both air and noise pollution, but because structures of enormous height cannot be dismantled using machinery, there are no alternative solutions. 

  • Implosion Process of Building Demolition: 

Explosives are used in this technique. The structure falls when the supports that hold it up are removed. The major support of the building, which is typically the columns, beams, and slabs, is equipped with explosives during this operation. When the explosion is triggered, the columns and structure collapse. The structure’s fall is classified into two types:

  • Falling Like a Tree

The structure falls sideways like a tree in this sort of explosion. The most typical sort of explosion is the tree-like falling. This is done when there is enough open space surrounding the structure. When there is open space along the left side of the structure, the explosion is placed on the building’s bottom left floor. When the bomb is detonated, the building tends to collapse on the left side; tension wires are linked to the building to regulate the fall. 

  • Falling Into The Footprint of it’s Own:

There are instances when there are no available vacant spaces along the side of the building, and the buildings along it must be safeguarded in those circumstances. In this example, the explosives are installed on the floor between the buildings. Heavy explosives must be used since the explosions must be done all at once in this technique. 

Non-Explosive Method:

This is the most effective method of demolition. It is not subjected to any explosives. Demolition is accomplished by the use of numerous tools. 

  • The Sledge Hammer:

This is often employed to demolish tiny walls and single columns. 

  • Wrecking Balls:

Excavators and bulldozers cannot be used to demolish the structures, which are typically 7 or 6 stories tall. Cranes coupled with wrecking balls are necessary to undergo destruction in these sorts of circumstances. It is held together by a massive steel rope. 

  • High Reach Excavators:

This is used to demolish the structure, which is exceedingly tall and cannot be demolished with an explosion. With this equipment, a 300-foot-tall structure may be destroyed. 

  • Bulldozers:

It is used to destroy minor structures. They are used to dig dirt or move waste to vehicles. Bulldozers are frequently seen on demolition projects.

Why Etlad?

ETLAD, is a prominent building contracting company in Dubai, offers top-notch building demolition services in Dubai in various areas including civil works, MEP works, and specialized concrete services such as core cutting, wire sawing, wall sawing, surface grinding, breaking, floor sawing, and RCC scanning.

Our team consists of highly skilled and talented professionals who work together, emphasizing meeting our client’s needs, adhering to budgets, and keeping up to schedules. ETLAD stands out as one of the finest building demolition contractors, providing comprehensive solutions for all types of projects. We aim to provide an unparalleled experience that surpasses your expectations at every step which makes us the best building contracting company in Dubai.

Being one of the best contracting companies in Dubai, our state-of-the-art services provide our customers with a convenient solution for all their project requirements. We take pride in our commitment to ensuring complete client satisfaction and safety, and our proven track record and strong reputation establish us as one of the top contracting companies in Dubai.

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