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Concrete wire sawing cutting is a technique in which a wire, often laced with diamond beads for added strength, is swiftly passed through a hydraulic or electric-powered pulley system.

Wire sawing is a versatile solution to do the unlimited depth of slab, Beam and foundation without any vibration. We have enough resources to do all kind of big and medium projects. Our well-experienced team can able to do all kind of challenging works.

As one of the best  wire saw cutting companies in Dubai, we provide Diamond wire saw cutting which is a powerful concrete cutting technique that is perfect for removing big, extensively reinforced, thick portions of concrete and other applications. Apart from Dubai,

Regarded as one of the best wire saw cutting companies in Dubai, Etlad is the foremost provider of all wire saw-cutting services throughout Dubai. Being a prominent building and construction company in Dubai, Etlad is the right one when it comes to wire saw cutting for your construction or demolition requirements.

What can a wire saw cut through?

  • Concrete
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Steel
  • Rock
  • Granite
  • Stone

What are the benefits of wire saw cutting?

  • It requires less use of manpower
  • No vibration.
  • Produces less waste and dust in the air
  • Fast and fumeless
  • Flexible and resilient
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What is wire saw cutting?

Wire sawing is a rapid, efficient, and cost-effective method of cutting concrete. For constructions that are too enormous or unmanageable for typical saw cutting, wire sawing is the best concrete cutting in Dubai alternative. When sawing through severely reinforced concrete, hard metals, steel, or even rock is problematic or impossible, Being one of the best wire saw cutting companies in Dubai We depend on a relatively new approach to saving both time and money. A sequence of guided pulleys is used in wire saw systems to draw a continuous loop of diamond-impregnated wire through normally impenetrable material. This technique easily makes any required shape or directional cut. Wire saw systems are adaptable, allowing them to be used in restricted locations and regions with limited access while yet being able to cut vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. 

As one of the best  wire saw cutting companies in Dubai, we include Diamond sawing which is a powerful concrete cutting technique that is perfect for removing big, extensively reinforced, thick portions of concrete as well as for a variety of other applications:

  • Projects involving demolition
  • Dismantling huge steel buildings, such as mine sites
  • Bridges, dams, industrial floors, jetties, columns, or beams are all good candidates for cutting thick/reinforced concrete structures.
  • Cutting angular shapes into vertical and horizontal structures
  • Cutting in limited, constricted, and sensitive regions
  • Subsea cutting of pipes, conductors, and other underwater constructions are examples of extreme uses.

ETLAD is a well-established Dubai construction firm that offers a variety of high-quality services to consumers in the UAE. We are known as one of the best wire saw-cutting companies in Dubai which enables precise cutting in a range of building tasks. Even if you are looking for Wire Saw cutting, Etlad is the right option. Here are some of the reasons why ETLAD is one of the top wire sawing companies in Dubai.

1. Experience:

ETLAD has been in the construction sector for 10 years, delivering high-quality services to consumers throughout the UAE. As a result, we have extensive expertise in wire sawing and other construction services which makes us one of the most entrusted wire sawing companies in Dubai. Being one of the most experienced concrete wire sawing companies in Dubai, our team works tackling a wide range of tasks, no matter how complicated they appear. It also means that they can deliver precise wire sawing project estimates and timetables, allowing clients to plan and budget accordingly which undoubtedly makes us one of the best concrete wire sawing companies in Dubai

2. Workforce with a High Level of Skill:

ETLAD’s staff consists of highly experienced experts that have received extensive training in their various fields of specialisation, by which we are known as one of the most reliable concrete wire sawing companies in Dubai. Our crew is trained to use a variety of wire sawing equipment and procedures to guarantee that each project is completed flawlessly. Our staff is also dedicated to offering the greatest degree of customer care, ensuring that the demands of the customer are satisfied in all aspects of the project.

3. Cutting-edge Technology:

ETLAD has made significant investments in obtaining the industry’s most advanced wire sawing equipment. Their cutting-edge technology guarantees that they can supply their customers with the greatest wire sawing services. Their equipment is also routinely maintained and repaired to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency, reducing the possibility of accidents or delays. Adapting to the latest technology has made us take pride in providing one of the best wire sawing-cutting services in Dubai. 

4. Cost-effective:

When it comes to building projects, ETLAD knows the importance of cost-effectiveness. They work hard to give the greatest wire sawing services at a reasonable price, guaranteeing that consumers get good value for their money. Furthermore, their staff delivers precise estimates and deadlines to assist customers in efficiently planning and budgeting for their projects. At Etlad, we strive to provide concrete wire saw cutting services at the lowest feasible cost. We make every effort to give our clients efficient outcomes while spending as little as possible. As one of the best wire sawing companies in Dubai. We have several strategies for lowering costs while maintaining precision in cutting and assembly. 

5. Advanced manpower: We make it a point to remain up to date on the latest technologies and procedures that can make our job easier and more ideal. We provide the greatest training for our operators on modern machinery.  We make certain that all of our personnel are dedicated and work meticulously. 

6. Machines from Hilt and Tyroliti: At Etlad, all of our machines and equipment are made by Hilti and Tyrolit, ensuring that we deliver premium-level diamond wire saw cutting services in Dubai. 

7. One-stop cutting  solutions: Our staff can supply you with the best  diamond wire saw cutting services, leaving you happy with all your requirements. No matter your demands, we make sure to work with our clients which undoubtedly makes us the best diamond wire saw cutting company in Dubai. 

8. 24×7 at your assistance: We work both throughout the day and at night to guarantee that our plans go well. We make sure that our consumers can get in touch with us at any time which makes us the providers of the best wire saw cutting services in Dubai.