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Experience the most effective and efficient floor sawing services in Dubai

Etlad provides the most entrusted Floor saw cutting in Dubai

Floor sawing is a quick and effective means to cut through concrete slabs. It is perfect for producing trenches and expansion joints since it allows for the efficient removal of undesirable parts. All kinds of floor sawing services in Dubai are delivered efficiently and precisely by Etlad. 

Etlad is a leading building and construction company in Dubai and also has proven expertise in providing floor sawing services in Dubai. Our floor sawing services in Dubai include measuring the right increments and usage of the required types of equipment. 

If you are looking for a premium team for floor sawing services in Dubai, Etlad is the right choice for you!

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What is floor sawing?

Floor sawing is a construction method that is extensively used to cut reinforced or mass concrete to establish a severance line for building reasons. Etlad provides the best floor saw cutting in Dubai. We use a self-propelled diesel or electric floor saw, a circular diamond-tipped blade to cut the concrete, and clean flush water to function as a cooling agent are used in the saw-cutting operation.

As floor sawing is a wet-cutting procedure, the demarcation line must be firmly marked out with indelible spray so that it does not wash away. Once this has been marked, the initial cut may be scored; generally, this would be a shallow cut since the operator wants to operate with an accurate straight line. Being the providers of the best floor saw cutting in Dubai, we make sure to measure and cut precisely. 

Floor saws vary in size and weight, making them adaptable to site ergonomics or the job at hand. Whether cutting for drain slots, joints, or builder’s work openings, it can cut the concrete free of percussive action and dust, resulting in no vibration being transmitted through the remaining structure and no silica dust becoming airborne as a result.

On today’s building sites, floor sawing is an economically feasible and efficient means to cut concrete, and it is a technology used by the majority of construction companies when separating two integrated structures.

If you are looking for the best floor saw cutting in Dubai, We have more than 10 years of experience in the construction field and we are the best building contractors in Dubai. We work towards providing the best floor saw cutting in Dubai We have a specialised team of floor sawing professionals on staff that are well-qualified and trained to undertake floor sawing on any building project. Etlad has now also been extended into providing the most reliable and professional floor saw cutting.

When straight and clean cuts are required, floor saws are the best choice. They are widely used to cut through roads, driveways, pavements, yards, slabs, and any other construction with a horizontal alignment. Floor saws are also used to make expansion joints, remove the damaged layer of a structure’s upper surface, and undertake partial demolition.

Our floor saws can cut through concrete, asphalt, and any other building material quickly and easily. So, whether it’s a road, a sidewalk, a column, or another structure, you can rely on our high-quality floor sawing services.

Concrete and asphalt constructions up to 500mm in depth may be cut straight and precisely. There is no vibration, dust, or smoke created on the job site, making it environmentally friendly concrete-cutting equipment. Floor sawing is a one-man operation.

Sectional and partial cutting can be used to reduce the possibility of cracks or structural damage. Floor sawing requires zero to little reinstatement work after cutting, hence it is preferred over other concrete cutting technologies when cutting is required in completed facilities such as supermarkets and hospitals.

How does Floor Sawing work?

Our skilled staff drives a floor saw, which may be either diesel or electric, along the regions that need to be cut. Diamond blades are often positioned on each side of the machine so that they may cut closer to any object or building. This Floor Sawing blade can cut up to 520mm in depth. We offer a range of floor saws available at Specialist Cutting Services, including tiny detachable saws that are attached to the machine. Furthermore, because of contemporary technology and gear, Floor Sawing may be utilised indoors because it emits no emissions.

Floor sawing can also be used to construct expansion joints, sever damaged pavement portions to permit removal, sever structural parts before demolition, or install drainage lines.

To guarantee that we can cover every circumstance on your site, we employ a range of Floor Sawing equipment that are powered by electricity, petrol or diesel.

Why you should choose Etlad for the best floor-saw-cutting service in Dubai?

Compete for any price: At Etlad, we strive to provide concrete cutting services at the lowest feasible cost. We make every effort to give our clients efficient outcomes while spending as little as possible. We have several strategies for lowering costs while maintaining precision in cutting and assembly. 

Advanced manpower: We make it a point to remain up to date on the latest technologies and procedures that can make our job easier and more ideal. We provide the greatest training for our operators on modern machinery.  We make certain that all of our personnel are dedicated and work meticulously. 

Machines from Lissmac and Tyrolit: At Etlad, all of our machines and equipment are made by Lissmac and Tyrolit, ensuring that we deliver premium-level cutting  services in Dubai. 

One-stop cutting solutions: Our staff can supply you with the best concrete-cutting services, leaving you happy. No matter your demands, we make sure to work with our clients which undoubtedly makes us the best floor saw-cutting company in Dubai. 

24×7 at your assistance: Our team works around the clock to ensure that our projects are completed on time. We prioritize our clients’ comfort by providing 24-hour access, establishing us as the leading floor saw-cutting company in Dubai.