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RCC scanning has become a important process in construction industry, especially in concrete scanning companies in Dubai. Most of the renovation and new construction projects routinely require crew to cut, core and drill existing concrete slabs. A concrete scan is considered the preliminary step to executing a concrete demolition or concrete work of any kind. The plumbing, rebar, tension cables, fibre optics, and other items that may be contained within concrete walls must be located. A concrete scanner provides real-time images to mark the location of these components

Hence concrete scanning is an important procedure to get a clear sketch of what is inside the concrete slab before any work is done. As it is a crucial knowledge to know what is embedded in the concrete and where it is, will determine where crews can cut, drill and build. concrete scanning companies in Dubai offers scanning and concrete coring services that meet and exceed the highest standards of quality, efficiency and safety all over Dubai. We pride ourselves, on our service providing detailed chart of embedded elements in concrete slabs perfectly for our clients. Further, we put concrete coring and scanning to use in a wide variety of our services, including concrete restoration, construction and engineering.

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RCC scanning companies in Dubai serves a variety of purposes in construction industry, especially in renovation works. The ability to detect internal elements is highly important during renovation, when workers often need cut into existing concrete. Few reasons why concrete scanning is performed in construction industry, includes…..

To locate rebar and other embedded objects: Before cutting, drilling, or coring concrete, it is important to know the location of any reinforcement bars (rebar) or other embedded objects. RCC Scanning or Concrete Scanning done at concrete scanning companies in Dubai allow contractors to locate these hidden structures so they can avoid damaging them.

To ensure safety: Knowing the location of rebar and other embedded objects is important for ensuring the safety of workers on a construction site. Damaging these hidden structures can cause structural instability and pose a hazard to workers.

To plan the most efficient approach: By knowing the location of rebar and other embedded objects, contractors can plan the most efficient and effective approach for cutting or drilling the concrete. This helps to minimize waste and reduce the amount of time required for the job.

To avoid damage to utilities: RCC Scanning companies in Dubai offering RCC scanning can also be used to locate hidden utilities, such as pipes and electrical conduits, before digging or drilling into concrete. This helps to avoid damage to these systems and minimize the risk of injury or property damage.

Through concrete scanning, you may detect:

  1. Concrete thickness
  2. Embedded electrical lines and wires
  3. Voids in the concrete slab on grade and more
  4. Concrete reinforcement
  5. Fiber optic cables
  6. Reinforcing steel

Every project, from installing drains to demoing a concrete structure, should begin with a concrete scan.



The accurate detection of electrical conduits embedded is crucial when cutting into concrete on commercial locations. In addition to the repair costs, damaged electrical services can also result in destruction in power supply and pose a safety hazard for workers.


Once technicians locate rebar and post-tension cables in concrete with concrete scanning and they mark these locations directly on the slabs. This will help the workers to drill into the concrete without giving its structural integrity or needing to perform repairs afterward. Concrete scanning in Dubai, is useful for preparing a site for renovation, which routinely requires workers to cut, drill and into existing concrete to install new structures such as electrical conduits, fire protection systems, drains ducts & plumbing.


Voids are caused by a various forces acting on the ground such as compaction, soil erosion, and pipe ruptures. Since they’re covered by both concrete and grade materials, they’re usually undetectable by visual inspection. RCC Scanning companies in Dubai can help to fend off workers from drilling a void, which could lead to a collapse.


Concrete scanning is crucial for understanding the contents of a concrete structure. This includes the thickness of the concrete, information about the rebar such as its spacing and depth in the concrete etc. Concrete scanning in Dubai provides every information for engineers to make decisions regarding the slab.

This type of analysis generated by concrete scanning companies in Dubai act as an incredibly useful tool for designers, engineers and architects as knowing how much reinforcement is contained within a slab can provide a good idea of the load bearing capabilities of a structure. In renovation projects it can give developers, engineers and trades a heads-up as to exactly where they can and can’t drill without potentially costly and harmful clashes taking place.

When And Where Can Concrete Scanning Be Used?

 Scanning and coring are widely used in concrete construction. Here are a few examples of items that construction professionals can scan and core:

 1.Any type of concrete slab


3.Floors, sidewalks, and walkways



6.Roofs and ceilings

Why Is It Important To Scan Concrete Before Drilling?

If you are planning a construction project, there is a good chance that you plan on using concrete. Due to its rigid and durability concrete is one of the most versatile building materials. At the same time, it is strong and sturdy, which make it very difficult to repair or replace. Altering a concrete in any way can be risky because you may not know what lies underneath the concrete, making it even more dangerous. That is where concrete scanning can be useful. RCC scanning companies in Dubai serves a variety of purposes in construction industry, especially in renovation works. It helps to ensure the safety of workers, the integrity of the structure and compliance with regulation. This allows you to identify potential hazards before they pose a risk to your health and safety. Concrete scanning can also provide greater confidence that safety and building regulations are being adhered to.

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Quality equipment from Hilti: Etlad exclusively utilizes Hilti machines and equipment, guaranteeing top-notch cutting and core cutting services in Dubai.

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