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Wall sawing, also known as track sawing, is commonly used to create accurate dimensional doors, vents, and window openings. Allowance must be made for the blade’s diameter. To create flush cuts, an adapter can be connected to the saw.

Wall sawing services in Dubai are led by our exceptional team of experts.  

Etlad having the new technology of Wall sawing with fully electrical and high frequency machines which can be carry anywhere and easy to use. Our premium machines can make more productive on wall and floors. Our we experienced operator also leads to do all challenging works and provides the best wall sawing service.

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Advantages of wall sawing:

  • Wall saws are well known for their safety as well as their precision cuts and speed.
  • Wall sawing generates very little noise, dust, or debris.
  • Wall saws may be used both indoors and outside.
  • Wall sawing helps to maintain structural integrity.
  • Wall sawing is a low-cost concrete-cutting method.

Experience the perfect quality wall sawing service in Dubai with Etlad. We provide all kinds of wall sawing services in Dubai including precise cuts in any vertical or horizontal concrete building, including those with high inclines, making holes in reinforced concrete walls and slabs and more.  

Still in doubt about choosing the best wall sawing service in Dubai. Let Etlad guide you!

What exactly is wall sawing?

The most successful cutting solution for vertical or sloping surfaces comprised of concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, asphalt or cinder block is wall sawing, also known as track sawing. A circular diamond blade, commonly attached to a track-mounted machine, is used for wall sawing, allowing for the exact positioning of the saw cut.  The track system allows the wall saw to be mounted to nearly any horizontal or vertical surface, including steep slopes and floors.  Wall saws may perform straight and bevel cuts and are powered by hydraulic, air, or electricity. The wall saw is a great tool for cutting accurate apertures in any concrete building. 

At Etlad, wall sawing is been done by a team of experts with more than 10 years of expertise in the relative field. Our uniqueness and the quality of service provided have made us known as the best wall sawing contractor in Dubai.

Concrete is widely used to make walls in construction because it has high compressive strength, making it an excellent building material for spanning large spans that steel cannot. Walls are one of the most crucial components of a structure, making concrete wall sawing one of the most critical components of structural rehabilitation or alteration. A circular blade is used to make gaps in walls or to remove damaged concrete. These blades can slice through walls up to 24 inches thick.

Etlad has been in this field for the past 10 years and  is regularly hired to undertake wall sawing in completed structures when new apertures are needed to increase the structure’s serviceability. When we work on an existing building, we must pay considerably more attention to detail. Being the best wall sawing contractor, Our specialists take into account the specific requirements of each structure and work to reduce air, noise, and vibration pollution. This is especially vital when working in sensitive situations such as hospitals or residential buildings, and our staff understands this.

Why is it necessary for you to hire a  wall sawing contractor?

1. Maintains structural integrity

Aside from being adaptable, wall saw cutting protects your building at all costs. As a homeowner, you should not be concerned about this procedure causing fractures in your walls. Furthermore, specialists can verify that no overcuts occur. Following the workout, adjacent surfaces will be in excellent shape. wall saw cutting is perfect for protecting your house or company if you need to destroy one side of a wall.

 wall sawing contractor can often see through your walls at the proper depth. Furthermore, these professionals employ job-specific instruments and machinery. They also adhere to the diameter of the blade to minimise any damage. Furthermore, they reduce vibrations that might damage structures.

2. Minimal dust and noise production

When compared to other processes, wall saw cutting often creates the least amount of dust. Concrete specialists enable water to run freely on both sides of the diamond blade throughout the procedure. Dust buildup will be reduced as a result. Because of the use of water in this method, your home or workplace will not become cluttered.

Furthermore, wall saw cutting can function silently and without making any distracting noises. You may go about your business while the specialists finish their work. To avoid loud noises, the cutting process is normally steady and smooth.

3. It saves both time and money.

wall saw cutting is a low-cost option. This approach may often cut through any desired angle in a short amount of time. Furthermore, because of the high quality of the finishes, you will not need to repair the openings or pay additional costs. Wall saws are simple to set up, use, and move, saving substantial time on a given task.

The diamond blade moves quickly, saving time and money. Depending on your project, you may also benefit from decreased downtime. Wall sawing is also useful for major projects in commercial and industrial structures. This process requires less labour than conventional concrete cutting technologies.

4. Uses appropriate precautions: 

Most significantly, a concrete wall saw is a safe and secure method of cutting. Operators, for example, use safety equipment such as rubber boots, glasses, and earmuffs while on the job. Before the job begins, these professionals evaluate all tools for flaws. Before making any substantial cuts, make sure everything is in order.

Furthermore, only competent and experienced personnel may do concrete wall saws. Automatic machines improve the safety of all on-site technicians. When the task is over, all of your possessions will be in outstanding shape.

Why does ETLAD provide the best wall-cutting service in Dubai?

Competitive price: We provide the best wall cutting service in Dubai with the best market price. Our team ensures to give you maximum results in your acquired budget. We work towards not compromising on the quality we provide to each of our customers.

Updated Manpower: We ensure to provide the best wall cutting service in Dubai with the best-updated manpower available. With a highly experienced team, we can take pride in our team, by which we can make sure to provide a professional and unique service. 

Machines from HITLI and Tyrolit: At Etlad, all of our machines and equipment are made by Hilti and Tyrolit, ensuring that we deliver premium-level cutting and coring services in Dubai.  

24×7 at your assistance: We work both throughout the day and at night to guarantee that our plans go well. We make sure that our consumers can get in touch with us at any time which makes us the providers of the best Wall sawing services in Dubai.