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10 Most Popular Types of Interior Design Styles

If you’ve been researching how to design the interior of your home, you’ve most likely come across terms like “contemporary,” “modern,” “industrial,” “art deco,” and others. Have you ever considered what these terms mean? For starters, these terms refer to several interior design types, each with its distinct qualities, taste, finish, experience, and interior designs. 

While the interior design profession has only been around for a little more than a century, the process of interior design has existed for as long as humans have been building and decorating homes depending on their requirements and the materials at their hands. 

Etlad; being one of the best interior fit-out companies in Dubai, we have gathered some of the best interior design styles that have stood the test of time and are used by people even today.

  1. Modern Interior Design Style:

It is crucial to understand that “modern” and “contemporary” are two distinct interior styles. A modern interior design style is distinguished by clean and simple colour schemes, an inviting atmosphere, clean individual elements, significant use of glass and steel, and much-needed siding changes dating back to historical times. Black and white dominate the colour pallet, with faded tones of blue, red, and other primary colours. 

We discussed modern interior design style, which combines design styles from numerous eras; Modern Design style is from a specific period – the beginning of the twentieth century. This style is based on German and Scandinavian design and architecture. It’s all about logic, practicality, and the art.

  1. Contemporary Interior Design Style:

Contemporary interior design is an interior design style that corresponds to current trends. An interior design style that was “contemporary” in the 2010s is not necessarily contemporary now, but a design that was “modern” back then remains “modern”–always has, always will! In other words, modern design remains unchanged over time, but current design is more fluid. 

The contemporary interior design style is versatile and may be used in any space in the home. Be it a bedroom, living room, or even the kitchen. A contemporary kitchen combines new and old, making it ideal for all members of the family to gather and converse. Choosing contemporary kitchens comes in extremely handy.

  1. Art Modern Interior Style:

Art Moderne emerged in the United States in the early 1930s and was popular until the late 1940s. This home design style was huge, aggressive, and brassier back then. Furniture was designed with a swollen curve, while other decorative things were reduced or stripped away. Designers refer to this interior design style as American Modern or Modernist.

  1. Mid-century Interior Style:

The mid-century interior design style gained popularity following World War II. This interior design style, like practically every other element of life at the time, emphasised the use of vibrant colours on everything from the walls to the wall artworks to the artefacts. This was a colourful age. Crisp lines characterised the furniture, and there were plenty of indoor plants. Timelessness and comfort are at the forefront, making it one of the most popular interior design trends. Typically, this design results in residences that are expressions of the homeowner.

An artwork or artefact that speaks to the people who live in it serves as the focal point of the living room. Other distinguishing aspects of the mid-century modern design style include clean lines, minimalist surfaces, and simplicity. This interior design style also incorporates sculptures, geometric shapes, and extremely saturated colours that are associated with the 1950s and 1960s.

  1. Minimalist Interior Design Style:

This minimalist interior design style originated in Australia and is quite popular there. The style emphasises minimalism in all aspects of interior design, including minimalist furnishings, neutral colour palettes, and utilitarian but not ostentatious accessories. Everything is simplified, straightforward, and necessary. There are no excesses.

  1. Scandinavian Interior Design Style:

The Scandinavian interior design style is a fusion of several design styles that emerged in the twentieth century in the five Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. The Scandinavian style emphasises a minimalist interior, functionality, and simplicity. It also represents simple yet extremely practical spaces. It is also warm and allows for personalised invitations. 

What distinguishes it from minimalist designs is that the style emphasises affordability rather than just necessity. The majority of décor pieces feature unadorned ornaments, rounded furniture, organic and clean detailing, and predominantly black and white colour palettes. It is also distinguished by its minimalist layouts and compositions. You may describe it as a fusion of minimalism and mid-century influences.

  1. Shabby Chic Interior Design Style

The Shabby Chic Style is distinguished by a relaxed atmosphere, airy lighting fixtures, antique-touch furnishings, and a vintage-inspired charm. It is inspired by modern designs, but it also incorporates characteristics of contemporary design. Where the home uses features that appear old and worn but are quite useful. New things are sometimes damaged to make them appear old.

  1. Eclectic Interior Design Style

Eclecticism is all about taking ideas and inspiration from a wide variety of sources. The Eclectic Interior Design style produces homes that are rich and layered with ideas drawn from design eras and styles that span decades. This style combines opposing style elements, colours, and textures to create a distinctive look. Rooms created in eclectic style contain several focal points and strive to balance colours and textures so that the eye is not overwhelmed. Many people equate eclectic house décor with a ‘anything goes’ attitude. However, it is a more deliberate and planned approach to interior design.

  1. Industrial Interior Design Style:

Industrial design is a combination of style and utility. As the name implies, an industrial-style home reveals previously buried architectural features such as bare brick walls, pipelines, and repurposed materials. The designer strives to create a stylish room with a strong emphasis on function and practicality, while also incorporating modern components with an organic feel and old charm. These homes frequently have open floor plans, with furnishings chosen to break up the space. It is one of the easiest interior design styles to apply because it relies on a neutral colour palette, materials, and industrial components.

  1. Farmhouse Interior Design Style:

A farmhouse is rustic and allows us to connect with nature since it makes extensive use of organic and natural materials, as well as furniture made accordingly. The Farmhouse Interior Design style incorporates these components to create a farmhouse-like atmosphere in a metropolitan home surrounded by concrete. One of the most notable elements of farmhouse interior design is that each room is defined by a specific element. So, one aspect can rule the living room while another rules the bedroom, and so on. This design style features a minimalist interior that allows the homeowner to unwind and relax while still maintaining functionality and elegance.


Interior design styles can change according to trends and other factors. If you are someone who is looking for the best renovation company in Dubai, our professionals can help you find the right interior that can fit your space. Being regarded as an expert fit-out contractor in Dubai, Etlad makes sure to provide each of our clients with the best work possible. 
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