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Over 10 years of service in UAE and Jordan, Etlad offers a variety of building maintenance and repair services. Our aim is to make sure your facilities are maintained to the highest standards. 

Just because the construction of your building is over, it does not mean that you need to do anything more. Your building should be well maintained to prevent any form of damage and thus preserve and improve its value. Building maintenance is a crucial process that should be carried out efficiently. Ranging from conducting inspections, cleaning, undertaking urgent repairs, maintaining electrical systems, lawn care and landscaping, and other routine maintenance services, all must be carried out to keep the properties in tip-top shape. This is where Etlad can be of assistance
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Meet Etlad to Maintain and Protect Your Property

Renowned as one of the most trusted building maintenance companies in Dubai, Etlad is committed to providing a wide range of building maintenance and repair services.Based on the requirements of our clients, we provide mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other general maintenance services.

People Behind It

With our reliable services, you can make your buildings stand out in the crowd.To meet your dream come true, we have expert and well-trained service professionals in our team. We carry out all these tasks with due diligence, handle it with great precision and utmost care. Our aim is to make sure your facilities are maintained to the highest standards.

Building Maintenance Services

Our MEP maintenance service comprises:

  • plumbing and drainage
  • PV cleaning
  • emergency and exit lighting
  • security systems: (CCTV & intrusion system)
  • pumps
  • electrical circuits
  • electrical DBS
  • security sliding doors
  • electrical and mechanical inspection
  • boiler servicing

Our civil & finishing maintenance service comprises:

  • plastering
  • tiling & painting
  • stone wall repairs
  • waterproofing & dampness treatments
  • renewal & repair of timber, iron & joinery works
  • aluminum & glass repairs

Professional Building Maintenance Services in Dubai

As a leading building maintenance company in Dubai, we bring you different types of building maintenance services.

Preventive Maintenance:

Preventive maintenance involves taking necessary precautionary measures to solve problems before they happen. This involves repairing, cleaning, adjustments, lubrication, and part replacements. Reduce unscheduled downtime, eliminate major repairs and preserve your asset in good condition with our services.

Corrective Maintenance:

Our team repair and resolve faulty equipment in a proper way. The technicians of Etlad are proficient and skilled in identifying potential problems before they become emergencies. Contact our team to learn more about our corrective maintenance services.

Predictive Maintenance:

It involves predicting failure before it occurs. Using sensor devices, our team will help to determine the condition of in-service equipment and hence evaluate when the maintenance works need to be undertaken. Optimize maintenance planning and improve asset reliability with help of our team.

Routine Maintenance:

We undertake any kind of daily maintenance operations such as cleaning, machine servicing, building inspections, and more. Through our routine maintenance activities, we aim to keep the systems functional and up to date. Our services are competitive as well as cost-effective.

Our Commitment

We engage and collaborate with our clients and other construction business chain to develop and ensure unsurpassed execution of work, utilizing efficient engineering methodologies that ultimately lead to the success of the project.

We remain committed to our strategic objectives of:

  • Delivering our client’s requirements
  • Driving our operational efficiencies
  • Providing professional approach to execute and deliver the projects on time and as per client
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